Friday, September 14, 2007

Project's summary and features!

LIZ DB is highly advanced set of interfaces of high abstraction level that allows programmer to create easily rich database applications (including stored procedures, sophisticated transactions, and more) in PHP5.

LIZ DB comes with a full MySQL5 implementation of all interfaces, and can be extended to support any database.

Built-in MySQL implementation of LIZ DB allows programmer to:
  • fetch data in various ways: single record, set of records, set of column's values
  • prepare and execute statements in Java-like way
  • prepare and call stored procedures and functions with IN, INOUT, OUT parameters support!
  • manage sophisticated transactions, supports two LIZ DB managed modes: autocommit and commit on close. Also, there are means to manage transactions by developers, those are: commits, rollbacks, savepoints, and rollbacks to savepoints.
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